I’m Antonin Bouix, a French Guianese videographer & photographer on a slow journey through the world.

The purpose of this website is to make an online portfolio. This world is full of beauty and hopefully it’ll show through the pictures! But maybe you want to know some stuff about me. Wouldn’t it be the purpose of an “about me” page ?

I’ve been around a lot of jobs in the cinematography industry, from the bottom to the top of the chain of command and I gathered a lot of experience from those positions. I also worked as a technical consultant for studios and production companies, looking at the electrical installations, choice of lighting equipment, cameras and videos system.

Over the recent years I’ve worked more and more closely to the lighting teams, slowly letting go most of the camera operation to focus entirely on lighting technique, technology and general photography (literally: drawing with the light).

Since I’m on the road I’ve got back to landscape photography, mirrorless videography and drone operations. The videos you can see on the videography section of this website have been made 100% while travelling.

My resume

Camera operator graduate (superior technician) in 2008.

Followed by 10 years experience in :

  • event industry (festival, concerts, salons, etc) as a roadie, video technician and light technician
  • cinematic industry (indies, shorts, mediums and full-lengths movies, commercials, music videos, etc) as a camera assistant, best boy, camera operator, gaffer and director of photography.
  • TV industry (tv shows, games, documentaries, reportage, news, etc) as a video assistant, stage manager, camera operator and video reporter.

My equipment

Sony Alpha 7S2

Dji Mavic Pro

Ziyhun 3 axis stabilization system

ol’ faithful Sony RX 100 mk2

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I was born in French Guiana in 86, raised there until high school, then I went as an exchange student in the USA where I discovered photography (around 2003). At that time, I was already into arts: painting (good sense of colors), drawing (very bad sense of proportion) and writing (I wouldn’t look at the poems I wrote when I was 15 though…).

The beautiful things I have found within the photographic medium was that you can do it outside, whenever you feel, however you feel, just grab your camera and you’re set to go: no need for canvas, paper, pencil, watercolors or whatever I may had tried before that. Second thing I loved was the un-usefulness of technique. You don’t need to spend hours working on your sense of proportions or depth: you just click the shutter and it’s there!

Of course, later on you learn that it’s far more complicated, the chemistry (I started analog), the editing, the limitations of the equipment, etc. Well, I’ve been into photography for almost 15 years now and I’m still learning new things as the medium evolve. What a trip!

After the USA I went to France where I graduated from high school and started academic studies. I stopped as fast as I realized it wasn’t for me. I was way too much of a dreamer, I needed passions and sweat in my work, otherwise I was slowly fading into drowsiness…

So, after a year break working as a welder in my home country, I decided that I will study camera operation and cinematography, because the job of a photographer was under tremendous changes due to the transition from analog to digital. Besides, 5 years into photography had been plenty of time to understand and integrate the technical aspects of it.

And so that’s what I did, I studied, worked, learned from my own and other’s experiences. I started as a studio assistant, went through almost every job on a set, and went deep into electricity distribution, lighting equipment, lights technology, how to create a mood, how to enhance that mood through movement and cuts. I developed hard and soft skills as my path led me into more and more projects.

I really enjoy camera operation but I must say my true love is the light. How it reacts, how it shapes a subject, when shadows, more than brightness, bring the frame to life, redefining what you thought you knew, how you feel… Working the light is one of the greatest. There is almost always a new shadow, a new figure, plenty of ways… It’s a very exciting field!

And, I had the chance and the privilege to work with amazingly talented Directors of Photography and Gaffers, I have had a beautiful work-related family and numerous amazing projects. I have been learning a great deal during this decade in Paris.

But I have decided to start something new and travel the world.

I want to make the most of what I have developed and learned, witness beauty while it still exists in a romantic way.

Nowadays, I’m a full time nomad, I travelled around New Zealand, now I’m in Australia, and I shall reach Europe somewhere between 2 or 3 years, without taking a plane, travelling the globe by boat, bus, foot, whatever the way. I shall discover new born beauties and the cultures that eluded me. This is the reason this website exists : I’m a old kid on a journey, and I want to share it.