Here we are ! The real deal, the good stuff, the cherry on top !

Don’t we all love da gear ? those beautiful flares… the depth of field, the cool looking lens that cost way too much. Even the awesome crow-funded newest shenanigan of a camera bag that is branded as a revolution !

I love the gear, but I had to keep it simple…

As I started a more nomadic lifestyle, I left the lighting gear at home (which is a long way from here) and focused on having a polyvalent set that can cover most DP demands.

For that I chose the alpha 7S2, solid, relatively lightweight and reliable.  My choice of optics include a 55 f1.8, a 16-35 f4 and a 70-300 f4.

I also acquired a drone from Dji : the Mavic pro. And boy, what a nice toy to have !

Overall it’s a simple set really, nothing too fancy here.

Sony Alpha 7S2

Mirrorless, full frame, 4k, 120 fps

Dji Mavic Pro

4k, 96 fps


3 axis stabilization system

Sony RX 100 mk2

THE compact that has been following me for 4 years