“Modern mercenaries carrying culture rather than weapons”

Hello Traveller and welcome!

For starter, well, it’s written all over: I’m Antonin Bouix, I’m French Guianese, born in ’86.

Its ok if you don’t know where French Guiana is, no one does. Click for culture

I’ve worked in the event industry for a while, starting with camera work before going deep into the study of light. Cameraman was my first job in the industry… wait… no, Camera assistant was really the first job or… wait… maybe second assistant? Long story short, nowadays I work mostly as a gaffer or sometimes as a DP. For the one in the back, DP stands for director of photography: the guy with a nice shirt that calls the shots. Which is cool, but really depends on the projects and the teams. I’m just saying that I have the experience, not that I always do that.

I’ve worked for TV (talk shows, games, etc), documentaries, music videos, live concerts, as a cameraman for a few years before going into the light crews. Which gave me plenty of time to know my ways around a production, from the smallest (“No, you don’t need a sound engineer”) to some very big (“who are these people?”) but always close to the art of photography.

Because I really enjoy working the light: choosing, equipping, loading, unloading, setting, distributing, unequipping, reloading, unloading again. You get the gist. Its just the purest coolest thing you can do around a set. AND you can do that without giving up on the cool toolbelt and the work-related family. Some would even dare to say you are the embodiment of the bad-ass blue collar with a taste for the finer things. Which is pretty cool.

Anyway, it is not what I do anymore, but what I USED TO do.

Because as you read this, I’m travelling around Australia trying to make a few bucks there and there. Modern mercenaries carrying culture rather than weapons. Digital Nomads they call it. Well, I’m definitely nomad, and this is a good start for being digital.

I hope you’ll enjoy what you’ll see and read here, in my digital lair, and that we get along well. Let me know if you like it: every comments counts for a better tomorrow!